Building a Field of Love

I needed to watch this wonderful, old movie again, “Field of Dreams” it’s called (28 years have passed since I’ve seen it the first time? Really?).  I needed to see what happened there, and how. Because it feels like I  and so many of us these days, are called to build in a similar way. Even if it’s a different field – a field of Love, or a field of Joy

It’s good to be reminded not only of how the human adventure (and this particular type of adventure even more so) is hardly ever a straight path to a well-defined destination. Like in the film, it’s but a distant voice (or your heart) calling, it’s a hint more than a manual (even if a manual may emerge further down the road).

And yet, vague as it may be, we follow the calling. How can we not follow it when it is so persistent and the need in the world is so evident…

Follow we do, and along the way we gain a little more clarity on what it is there we’re asked to build… And that’s when things begin to feel overwhelming! Because we’re asked to build something we have never created before, at a scale that we would never even consider.

“Why me”? we wonder. Why, among all the people in the world, should I be  the one to do this? Surely there are plenty of other people who are far more suited for something like this…

Perhaps because it’s a gift. This challenge, this quest might well be life’s most generous gift to us!

For what a gift it is, to get to work in this field of love, this field of creativity, this field of joy, this field of passion. To get to surrender to it, no matter how terrifying it may seem at times. To build it gladly, fiercely, passionately, with all our heart and all the strength that we can muster. To build it brick by brick…

And to say yes to the greatness of it and the greatness that has been living in us and has been hiding from us.

In this time of titanic challenges, environmental, social and political, the world needs us to come out of hiding and help the deep transformations that must happen, now!

Unbelievable as it may seem at times, this is what is unfolding, this is the calling, and this is the journey ahead. This is how we overcome fear and doubt, this is how we move through difficult transformations of our own and this is how we find ourselves at last, as we find each other, in new ways.

As we change the world changes, and it becomes a Field of Love.


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