JOYful living in challenging times (18)

What is Joy?

We use the word in many different ways. Here, in the Lightworker Manual it refers to the essential feeling of who we are. In other words, joy is the most natural feeling in the world.

And yet, natural it may be,  we spend much of our time not feeling it, and when we feel it, we don’t feel it fully. How come?

This (18th) presentation of the Lightworker Manual sheds some some light on that, and also proposes ways to bring more Joy into our lives. Listen in!

5 ways to bring more Joy into our lives

I explain more about each of the approaches & projects in the video, but wanted to share an overview with you here as well:

1. Shift your focus from problems to joy

We are problem-solution oriented or even fixated. In doing so, we not only limit our ability to resolve them, but also the Joy that is our birthright

2. Add Joy everywhere

Whatever you do – and even when you don’t do anything – add Joy to the experience. Open to the Joy that is within you already. And, allow yourself to be playful too!

3. Become a Joy Ambassador

Even if we all live in the land of heaviness aka the challenging human experience, we’re more than that. We all come from the same source as our Joy. Practice living as an ambassador of  Joy – connecting and engaging in life and also representing and with that reminding others of Joy as our home

4. Join the Lightworker Group Program

This is the program that will take you beyond the inspirations found in the Lightworker Manual and into a transformational group process where we support each other in embodying Joy (and much more).

5. Join the Joy Keepers Networks

If you’re a spiritual leader, coach, teacher or healer this network is for you!
It will help you bring and maintain more Joy into your own life as well as the life of others – potentially even humanity as a whole.

Share your experiences, insights and questions about Joy below!

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