What stands in the way of love? (19)

We are born as an expression of pure Love. It’s very simple. But then we develop this very complicated relationship with love…

Just to give you an impression, below are some of the states/experiences that come in the way of our love.  I get much more personal and there’s more to learn as well in the video though. So don’t  settle for the few words below. 😉


Shame makes us distance ourselves from our love and our heart. Guilt and shame can be of things we have experienced or done and judge. And, shame can leads us back to our naked, innocent heart:


Makes us push against and reject – it’s a very different energy than love’s natural receptivity. It’s a natural reaction to the ways we have been held back. And, anger can become love’s ally and the power that enables that naked heart to express itself in the world fearlessly. But first we have to deal with…


Fear has so many faces, expressions and reasons… fear of losing control, fear of having no boundaries, fear of being judged for loving the wrong people (including the very wrong people indeed). And, if you go deep enough into the energy of fear, it will take you directly to joy and love.

But how do we remove those blocks?

There are many ways, and the one that has worked best for me is the SEE Approach. I share the basics of it in the video, and we go deeper with it when we work individually or in groups. To explore current options for you to open more to the love that you are, explore Lightworker offers here

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