Leadership meditation – how are you leading?

Yesterday I participated in the MayDay meditation 2020. It was fascinating,  unexpected and eye-opening (literally and figuratively speaking) – and it turned in a bit of a leadership meditation for me. 
From the very beginning, I felt a collective energy n the space (beyond space) that was so beautiful, so loving, so connecting… 🙏

Leadership meditation – the emerging of it

Meanwhile, with the streamed event there were some audio issues. I’m totally fine with that. Life happens… 
The fascinating part? How the comments were rolling fast, not only saying “What’s wrong with the audio?” but also “Never mind the audio, let’s just meditate!”. The secret leadership meditation had began… 😊
And that beautiful energy just there, filling the invisible sky… 
Meanwhile, the streamed event turned out to consist of a long line of presentations, invitations and inspiration from our world’s  best known spiritual leaders and organizations and artists….
The fascinating part? How the comments kept rolling fast saying “This is inspiring” but also “These people are great but I thought we were to meditate?”. 
That’s how I felt you and you know… Eventually, I decided to stay true to what felt right. I turned off the audio, left the live stream to itself, and allowed myself to do what my entire being wanted to…
And it wasn’t even my typical way of meditation: it was pure beingness with open senses (eyes too), being with the omnipresence of the collective energy, with an experience of intimate connection with Source, no longer individual…
So beautiful!… It felt like New Year. Maybe it really was.
Afterwards, I found myself wondering and pondering what was happening.

A leadership meditation – the questions

What is leadership, really? Because we are all leaders. In our own lives, and as coaches  also leaders for our clients and tribes.
We are leaders but what is leading us?
Are we leading the ways we have learned? Or are we listening to those that we are called to lead? 
Is leading always to speak and lecture and inspire? Or could it be, sometimes, as Lao Tse Tung would say it, to listen and to follow? And what does it mean?
I am curious and exploring… and see it happening in my relationship with groups, clients and also the Joy Keepers Network.
Times are changing, when it comes to leadership too.  Whether it’s leading yourself, your family, your clients, or your tribe…

How is the invitation to lead in new ways showing in your life?

leadership meditation
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
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